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Professional Firefighter - Insurance Agent

As a professional firefighter with over 20 years on the streets, I have seen a lot of needless loss.  
Both from within the ranks of the firefighters and police officers, and the civilian world.

I try to use this experience to help my clients protect themselves from suffering losses due to

I first got into the insurance business with a small insurance association that provides life insurance
and accident protection for firemen, police officers, correction officers and only their families.

As I was visiting police roll calls and the fire stations, I kept getting asked about home and auto
insurance.  Seeing a need, I went back to school and got my license to provide property and
casualty insurance.

A few years later, the insurance association that offered insurance coverage for police and
firefighters made all of us account representatives sign a letter stating that we will not provide
insurance protection from any other company but theirs.

In 2012, I was instructed to stop offering other company's insurance policies or leave the
association.  Because I did not believe this rule was in the best interest of my fellow firefighters and
law enforcement friends, I resigned my position as Account Representative.

I did not leave disgruntled.  I still believe in the association and I'm still a member.  They do great
work for the men and women in our professions.

Some good things came out of all of this;  I have been able to find a lot more companies that offer
the same service as the other association, at a much better price and all inclusive.

Please click on the home button to see some of the companies that I now represent and contact me
for a quote.

You will still receive the same service and protection as before, only at a much lower cost with a
different company.

Thank you, and stay safe,
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